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Just to be clear, this is not just another WordPress site!

It is brave and also vulnerable to say that I also feel very new to this process and anxious as many may be at this stage about the digital environment and excited at the same time about what I will be exposed to through this course and group members.

My background is in Fine Art, I have been a lecturer in subjects ranging from Drawing, Metal Sculpture, to Copywriting. My Masters in Visual Arts, practical component included sculptures made from Tatted lace and an installation with an interactive mechanical sculpture that was moving around in the gallery space between the visitors. For me the reaction from the audience was the true artwork, the reality of a creation becoming more and for being transformed through interaction and collaboration between visitors. My experience and drive is tactical, the title of my thesis was in fact Challenging the Hand. Form the delicate work of making lace to welding, fabricating, and building metal creatures my process is physical and practical, this making my understanding of my digital footprint a bit daunting.

Taking a step into the digital realm is still a daring thought, even if it has become a daily visit or daily residency when we think about our virtual office space.

In my personal capacity I have drifted away a bit from my creative self and have been focused the last 7 years on my career through changing the direction into Teaching and Adult Development, and also studying further in Business Management and Administration.

The last few weeks where we had to introduce ourselves to the ONL community and to the PBL group, and working together in the group made me think and reminded me of what it is that drove me to where I am today. That is my creative drive, how could I ever have forgotten that this. David White’s webinar and material really inspired me, when we looked at the drawings made to represent what the internet would look like I immediately thought of the tatted lace that I have made in my studies.

Tatted Lace

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